Becoming Tech Savvy: 8 Instagram Tips You Should Know

Instagram is 1 billion users strong, but why is everyone flocking to this simple app?

Its simple design is one reason, making it a user-friendly app for both teens and adults. Users can upload content, add hashtags, and tag their friends; Instagram also added stories in 2016, allowing users to share short videos, polls, favorite posts, and more content with followers.

As a visual platform, Instagram has become an invaluable marketing tool for artists, designers, filmmakers, and animators. Even musicians and writers are building audiences with Instagram.

Do you need the latest Instagram tips to grow your platform? Keep reading to discover the latest perks, engagement secrets, and more!

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1. Pick the Perfect Insta Handle

Technically, the first step is to sign up for an account, but it should be the second step. Your first step should focus on finding that perfect username.

Ideally, your handle should be your company name. If it’s taken, you could register a different variation of your name with underscore symbols. Personal bloggers and aspiring influencers should register their names.

If you don’t have a business yet, take your time to develop the perfect Instagram account handle. Consider your brand, audience, aesthetic, industry, and goals of your page.

2. Plan Your Instagram Aesthetic

Instagram lets users and creatives upload their favorite images. The app also allows users to curate their photos and works in creative ways. This idea is called a “grid aesthetic.”

User profiles have image grids in sets of three. There are limitless possibilities for grid aesthetics.

You could alternate between daytime and nighttime images, black and white photos, or text and images. These tricks create an appealing aesthetic that encourages visitors to hit that follow button.

3. Upload an Eye-Popping Profile Icon

Instagram is one of the most brandable social media sites. Facebook has brandable elements, but it’s not as appealing as Instagram’s interface. In fact, Facebook bought the image-based social network in 2012.

You already learned about grid aesthetics; now it’s time to leverage those icons.

Your first icon is your profile image. If you’re a blogger, professional, or influencer, upload a recent photo. You could get a headshot or use a relevant, high-quality photo that complements your grid aesthetic.

If you’re a brand, business, or product, upload your company’s logo; make sure to scale it down to Instagram’s profile photo dimensions. Depending on your branding identity, you could also upload a picture of your company team.

4. Instagram Tips for Story Highlight Icons

Your next set of icons are your story highlight icons. Don’t worry; you’re going to learn everything about Insta stories in just a bit!

Stories are great, but they’re also fleeting. Since stories only last for 24 hours, users have a small time window to view them unless you create story highlights.

Highlights let stories live forever on your page. Users can create icons for each highlight and creatively display these icons in a number of ways.

Many brands create cohesive icons for story highlights. Every icon has the same brand colors, design, and font. This look fits perfectly into grid aesthetics.

Pro tip: If you want to go beyond your Insta bio, highlights are great for creating longer “about me” sections on your profile.

Now, let’s talk about stories!

5. Create Storytime Magic

You can do a lot with Instagram stories. It’s no surprise that they’re the most popular features on the app.

For starters, you don’t have to commit to every story. Stories disappear after 24-hours, which is better than deleting unwanted images from your grid.

Thankfully, old stories are not lost forever. Instagram archives all of your old Insta stories, so you can add them to highlights later.

Instagram stories are excellent for all types of content, like follower shout-outs, book readings, storytime videos, promotions, event marketing, and reviews. You can also dress up your video with animations, music, GIFs, and special effects.

Instagram stories are inspired by Snapchat “snaps,” which disappear after 24 hours to 30 days. Keep reading to learn about Instagram’s latest inspired feature.

6. Reel Followers In

Instagram’s latest feature is “Reels.” Reels are short videos, but you can also add text, music, animations, and creative filters.

If you’re getting TikTok vibes, you’re not off the mark. Reels are directly inspired by TikTok videos, which also let users upload videos with text, music, audio, animations, illustrations, and filters.

Reels are also similar to Insta story videos, but there are notable differences. Reels upload directly to your grid, there’s also a separate section for your reels. You can’t add them to story highlights, either.

Instagram is heavily promoting reels in the explore section and user feeds. Now is an excellent to start creating viral-worthy reels to grow your brand.

7. Discover Content Like a Pro

Instagram lets users, creatives, and businesses show off their best work and moments. However, the app is also one of the best free content discovery tools. Content discovery is instrumental for marketing strategies, creative inspiration, and communities.

If you’re growing a brand, it’s critical to know what’s out there. Who are the thought leaders in your niche? Which brands are making waves in the industry?

Instagram has a bookmark feature that lets you save any image, video, or reel. You can also use downloading apps to save from Instagram, saving content directly to your device.

8. Engage and Grow

If you want to grow your account quickly, you have to engage. Instagram algorithms love engagement, so expect a very communication-heavy community. The more you post, like, share, and comment on other users’ posts, the quicker your following will grow.

Consistency also plays a crucial role. Instagram suggests posting once a day or five times a week to stay relevant, no less than three. Furthermore, the less you post, the less you’ll appear in your followers’ feeds.

However, you don’t want to go overboard. Over-posting can turn off some followers. Plus, it may get you muted (or unfollowed) if you flood users’ feed.

Become an Instagram Rockstar

Instagram is creative, versatile, and fun! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your brand or ambitions. Follow these Instagram tips to create a unique, relevant profile.

These Insta tricks are just the start of your digital journey. Follow the blog for the latest trends and tips.

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