Coming Soon Plugin Review – Make Your WordPress Coming Soon Page More Effective

When modifying your old WP website, or while starting a new website, you would not want the visitors to see a half-finished website, with broken links and missing pages. It will dent the reputation of your company in the minds of the customers or visitors. In order to prevent such misunderstandings, you can use Coming Soon to Under Maintenance pages.

Overview of Coming Soon plugin:

You can use the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin to create temporary pages in minutes. This plugin is an easy-to-use and a flexible tool that helps in customizing your own coming soon/maintenance page. It is designed exclusively for WordPress websites, using which you can add your own logo, header, video, any content, subscription form, and custom HTML.

The Coming Soon plugin has been developed by WebFactory Ltd which has made over a hundred plugins since they started in 2009. They create themes, plugins, and custom projects on WordPress. They believe in perfecting their product, so they constantly add new features, fix bugs and GUI details.

Features offered by the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin:

  • Variety of themes: They provide 28 pro themes and 36 agency focused themes for any kind of business.
  • Design Elements: Allows for adding logos and header designs. You can also add background image filters, and other eye-catching content.
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop builder: This feature helps in creating a layout customized completely for your needs.
  • SEO Snippet Preview: This shows a real-time preview of the site in any search engine.
  • Google Maps Module: You can add a responsive map on the coming soon page to show your location.
  • Email Service Integration: You can add the MailChimp service to integrate the webinars, CRMs, and autoresponders through 1000+ services.
  • Add third party analytics code: You can add tracking code and a tracking pixel to gain more information about the visitors.
  • Upload preview image for social networks: You can upload preview images for social media sites for promotional purposes.
  • Add extra modules: You can add extra modules on the page such as videos, countdown timers, maps, social media information, and also the progress bar. You can easily integrate all of these elements with the help of drag-and-drop builder.
  • Secret Access: You get the liberty to generate a secret access link, and share it with clients or other people who want to see a normal site behind the maintenance page.
  • Smooth functioning: This plugin is adaptable to any of the custom login plugins.
  • Easy-to-use: All of the above-mentioned features can be used even without any knowledge of coding.


This Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is superior in comparison to all the other plugins that are available. Some of the unique features are not offered by others. Keep in mind that all of these features are available to the paid premium version, and there will be some limitations in the free version.

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