Consider these security questions before you hire desktop cloud services online

For your kind information, desktop cloud showers us with attractive services, such as storage, backup, office applications, mail servers, web hosting, contact management, etc. With this irresistible “pay-as-you-go” service, SMEs value the benefits of being able to avoid major investments in hardware, software and their technical staff.

The services in the cloud desktop also offer many improvements in security if we compare them with the traditional options. However, how can you distinguish between the different options on the market the most secure?

How does the provider manage information security risks?

As Windows virtual desktop customers, we will have to have an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the supplier’s security management. You must analyze the contact for security incidents, the security policy of the provider and its dependencies with third parties, the audit reports or their certifications, reports of compliance, etc.

What security tasks does the provider do?

Each cloud service is different and so will the distribution of responsibilities and obligations in terms of security. In the contract it must be specified – the assets that the provider will monitor for security, the security tasks that the provider will carry out, a classification of incidents, contractual obligations, etc.

How does the provider handle disasters affecting data centers?

In the event that an earthquake, an electrical storm or a flood affects the DaaS provider, we will have to know to what extent the cloud service we contract will remain active, and how and where the backups are made. For this, we reviewthe provider’s business continuity, backup mechanisms, fault tolerance and recovery times, etc.

How is the security of the cloud service guaranteed?

If the desktop as a Service provider has any administrative problem internally or with third parties, you will want to know what will happen with your data and with the continuity of the service. You verify that even in these cases the service is guaranteed. The clauses of the contract will include those that guarantee us access to data and backup copies.

How do you ensure that your service provider works with security measures?

If you are going to deposit your data in their hands, you verify that they are responsible. Some of the ways that the provider has to demonstrate this are with professional certificates, with its policies, through simulated attacks and train your employees, etc.

How do you ensure the security of the software?

As clients, you have to know how the cloud desktop application provider guarantees the security of the software. You will request for vulnerability scan reports, procedures patching and updating, external audits of software, etc. The provider shows you the physical and logical access control measures, the authentication mechanisms in use, and its compliance with good practice criteria.

Is the cloud service portable and interoperable?

As nothing is forever and given the possibility of having to migrate to another provider, the cloud service provider should provide you with the technical details of the installed software, interfaces, data formats, virtual machines and data export formats. The elasticity of the use of resources is the basis of cloud services in which you pay per use.

John Thompson

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