Easy Guide to hack New2DS XL with and without linker R4 3DS

The Nintendo New 2DS XL and New2DS LL console is becoming more and more popular. This is a console to play 3DS and DS games without the effect of 3D. With the hack of the Nintendo 3DS and New3DS, can we hack Nintendo New 2DS XL / LL? A 3DS flashcart still supports New 2DS cracker version 11.10.0-43? How to crack a 2ds XL 11.10 without flashcart 3DS? Today you can find your solution.

Hack New 2DS XL / LL possible

It’s already confirmed that we can crack Nintendo New 2DS XL or New2DS LL with 3DS flashcarts. Because the New2DS console is the same system of the console New3DS and 3DS. So, the flashcart that supports New 3DS and 3DS hacker can run free games on a New 2DS Update. Due to the high compatibility of the New2DS XL firmware, he can play 3DS, NDS games and he also supports Amiibo. Here are the options to jailbreak your New2DS 11.10.

New2DS XL Hack for 3DS Games

To play 3DS games on New 2DS XL, the products of sky3dsplus.net are very good choice. Sky3DS cards are very simple to handle, even for children, here is your option:

  • Sky3ds+
  • Sky3DS V2

Sky3ds+: a very simple flashcart for kids

The Sky3ds+ flashcart is the third generation of sky3dsplus.net. With two new orange buttons, Sky3ds+ is better than the two previous versions. Why ?

  1. Sky3ds+ is easier to change games, you can advance and return games by two orange buttons.
  2. Sky3DS Plus supports more 3DS games than Sky3DS V1 and Sky3DS V2. It reads newer and older 3DS games. Sky3DS V2 can not play latest games, and Sky3DS V1 only reads 10 3DS games, this card is stopped production.
  3. Sky3ds+ supports 3DS games online with SkyDock.

To run free games on a 3DS and New2DS version, you need to download Sky3ds+ firmware and 3DS games.

Sky3ds+ firmware V140

What is Sky3ds+ V140 for to launch free 3DS games? This is the well-written software to emulate the original 3DS game card. Players can have Sky3ds+ V140 official website, then you have to unzip the firmware, then you go to a “firmware.bin” file, then add this uncompressed firmware to the root of your MicroSD card.

Is it necessary to take a MicroSD card to hack 3DS games with Sky3ds+? Yes, an SD card is required. You can choose a SD card from 2GB to 128GB, and I recommend a capacity of 8 GB to 16 GB.

Downloaded 3DS games

To play 3DS games, you also need to download ROMs games. A 3DS ROM, what is it and what is it for?

ROMs are files that fully contain a video game from a 3DS console, or DS, DS Lite, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and more.

In short, it’s a complete copy of an original game. A ROM is a file-like game that is basically stored on a tape. And there are many sites that support ROMs to download.

So, to play 3DS games with a Sky3ds+, you need a MicroSD card, downloaded 3DS ROMs, that’s enough! Here is a tutorial for you.

Sky3DS V2: cheap for players

If you do not have enough budget, then Sky3DS V2 is your choice. It is cheaper than Sky3ds+. But it does not have much compatibility like Sky3ds+. Because Sky3DS V2 blue button is blocked by BigN anti piracy protection. As a result, Sky3DS V2 does not play the latest newer 3DS games, such as Pokémon Sun and Moon, Ever Oasis, Monster Hunter XX etc.

Hack New 2DS XL for ROM DS

To play Nintendo DS games for free, you first need an R4 flashcart. The R4i card is not expensive but quality to hack New2DS XL, New 2DS LL consoles.

Moreover, it is reliable and safe to use R4 3DS to hack a Nintendo New2DS in Portugal. Why ? First of all, it is more than 5 years since it is available on the market, and the BigN does not block R4 3DS cards. It’s already confirmed by the players!

Which R4 3DS card for ROM DS hack?

There are two choices for you: R4i SDHC 3DS RTS and R4i Gold Pro 2019.


This card is a too old flashcart for DS, DSi, DS Lite consoles. So she reads DS games. With the release of 2DS, 3DS, New3DS and New2DS, it can support all these consoles, but an R4i SDHC card does not read 3DS games. That is, one can take a R4 3DS card to operate free DS games.

The R4 SDHC flashcart uses the R4 kernel for cracker New 2DS XL, R4 kernel is the same as a Sky3ds+ firmware that is codes and software for hacker N2DS.

R4i Gold:

R4i Gold Pro 2019 is from r4isdhc.com. This is a very fast update team for all players. Now the last update version is 2019, and it will release a new version 2020 very soon. The R4 Gold card is known among players. R4i Gold Wood 3DS, Gold R4i EU 3DS, R4i Gold PRO is the card better than other R4 cards.

New2DS Cracker for Amiibo

As we know, a New 2DS console is compatible with amiibo, so can we enjoy free Amiibo on New 2DS XL 11.10.0?

Yes, you can crack Amiibo without a flashcart, because a N2 Elite disc is a very good choice for running amiibo characters. Does N2 Elite support all of the latest Amiibo below on New 2DS XL?

Metroid: Samus Returns:

  • Amiibo Samus Aran
  • Amiibo Metrofoid
  • Amiibo Samus
  • Amiibo Samus without armor

Splatoon 2:

  • Inkling girl
  • Inkling boy
  • Squid Inkling


  • Daruk
  • Mipha
  • Link
  • Revali
  • Urbosa

Fire Emblem:

  • Chrom
  • Tiki
  • peach
  • Bowser


  • Goomba
  • Koopa
  • Samus

Pikimin amiibos

Do not worry, an N2 Elite can help you crack more than 200 amiibo characters. And the update of N2 Elite Android Manager and USB R / W manager is very fast to support more amiibo.

How to crack New2DS XL without flashcart 3DS?

There are homebrews or 3DS exploit to crack New 2DS XL without 3DS flashcart, but they can not run 3DS games or DS ROMs directly on New2DS XL, you will just install homebrew on New2DS XL. Here is a chart to your reference:

Exploit / Homebrew 3DS Tool needed Author
Ninjhax 2.9 A cartridge or eShop version, no need for the purchase of “Cubic Ninja”. smealum
freakyhax A cartridge or eShop version, no need for “Freakyforms Deluxe”. plutoo
smashbroshax (beaconhax) Super Smash Bros 3DS (full game) and a way to broadcast raw wifi tags. Yellows8
doodlebomb An eShop-installation of Swapdoodle (version 1.1.1 or lower). MrNbaYoh
oot3dhax Game Card on eShop-installation de Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Yellows8 smea et al.
supermysterychunkhax A game card or eShop-installation of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Shiny Quagsire / SALT team
stickerhax A game card or eShop-installation of Paper Mario: Star Sticker. Yellows8
Review 3DS exploit The tutorial is very difficult, and it’s not a good choice for novices. It has a big risk of being banned by BigN


To hack a Nintendo New2DS, New3DS or 3DS, there are many choices, I strongly recommend the way of 3DS flashcart.

  1. For free 3DS games, a Sky3ds+ card is a must with a very simple handling.
  2. Playing free DS games, a R4i Gold card and R4i SDHC 3DS are very good choices with the cheap price in Portugal.
  3. For hacker Amiibo on New2DS XL, the N2 Elite is the only choice!
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