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Video conferencing is the technology that enables you to hold meetings with a few spectators who are situated in different places while seeing and conversing with them in real time. It is not the same as ordinary video calling, which may only allow medium conference.

 Video calling or conferencing used to require costly and complicated equipment to conduct. Today, you genuinely convey it in your pocket. You can have a video conference free sessions on your cell phone or your PC with a working computer and sufficient Internet network.

With the below free web conferencing tools, you will almost certainly share your screen, record your gatherings, team up progressively and substantially more.


BigBlueButton empowers colleges and universities to convey a fantastic learning background to remote students.


With MeetingBurner, you can host up to 10 participants for nothing without any advertisements; in a split second offer your screen with anyone. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones. You’ll additionally analyze your gatherings so you can perceive how your visitors connect with your content.


100% free for one client and three members for every session, Mikogo enables web m, giving meetings, 1AWan introduction, or giving remote help. Sign up today and perceive how straightforward online meetings work.


Meetings can be conducted using an enterprise’s existing teleconferencing service or by the use of WebHuddle’s optional voice over IP.

Zoho Meeting

100% free for one host and one member, Zoho Meeting allows open meetings and sharing, multi-stage backing, moment and timetable meetings, and texting. Begin with online sessions, and begin sharing your work area to anybody, anyplace, whenever.

Google Hangouts

If you would love to see, hear, and share data with your online students, Google Hangouts allows you to have a video meeting talk for up to 10 individuals for nothing! It is a fantastic asset much superior to anything a web visit.

The free form of enables you to hold a large number of gatherings with up to 10 members for every session (one coordinator in addition to 9 watchers) utilizing something like five video streams. You can talk with members, move records, join the sound piece of any gathering by web (VoIP), and enable members to control your PC.


Zoom is free and allows unlimited number meetings up to 50 members (40 minutes for each gathering), video conferencing, web conferencing, and bunch joint effort. The free form additionally offers security, user management, and online help.

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