How Much Does SEO Service Cost?

Before we talk about how much to charge for SEO work, it is vital that we can discuss how to charge for SEO work, before we can determine the total value of the consulting.

As you may know, SEO work is comprised of the analysis of the scenario in which the company is inserted, its competitors, and a structure SEO check, on page SEO and off page SEO.

So an exciting way of charging for SEO work is to divide it into “packages.” That way, it is easier for the customer who is paying in stages, and you also have a guarantee, that even in case the customer gives up work halfway, you will not have any loss.

So in your budget, you would have four distinct packages:

  • Elaboration of the SEO project
  • Structure of SEO Work
  • SEO work On page
  • Off page SEO Work

Establish value for your consulting by developing an SEO project for your customer, another for optimizing the site structure, another for optimizing the on-page factors, and finally value for the link building and maintenance stage.

You do not risk investing your time and work in laying the groundwork for a good SEO job, and then the client giving up work or postponing it, leaving you without the payment for the work already developed.

How to Set a Value for SEO Work

Once the billing mode is set, it’s time then to discuss the price of SEO service (ราคา SEO which is the term in thai) itself and believe me; it’s not hard at all.

When faced with this, the basis of calculation for charging for SEO work should be precisely the time to be invested in the process. To set the value, follow the step-by-step below:

First, determine how much you want to get paid for your work monthly. How much do you want to earn by the end of the month;

Calculate how much you spend on the services you need to develop a good SEO job. Internet sign, control software, search tools, office rental, etc..

Determine how many hours a day, you are willing to devote to your work as an SEO analyst and how many days a month you will work.

Finally add up the amount you want to earn monthly, plus your operating costs, and divide it by the number of hours you’re willing to work.

This simple calculation will lead you to a magic number, which is how much your working hour costs. With this number in hand, knowing how much to charge for SEO work is just a matter of evaluating the time it will take to run the optimization work.

Hire professionals like to get desire SEO results.

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