Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips and Tricks to Know

The world is literally at your fingertips when you master social media.

This is the breeding ground for great ideas, new customers, and spreading your ideas to the world. Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can use. The platform generated $24 billion in 2020 alone.

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Consider this Instagram tutorial so that you can get the best from this social media platform.

1. Understand the Benefits of Using Instagram

Instagram for beginners starts with understanding the benefits. For one, you’re opening your brand to a huge audience of people, which can get you several quality followers and lots of traffic.

This platform is photo-intensive, giving people the chance to easily and effortlessly skim it on their own time. You’ll have advanced targeting options, an improvement in brand recognition, and will be better able to reach untapped customers.

Instagram is also an excellent platform because it allows you to post on your terms and on the go. It’s owned by Facebook, so you can also count on longevity and heavy investment for the foreseeable future.

2. Figure Out What Kind of Stories You Want to Tell

When you want to market your brand on Instagram effectively, get to know who you are and the types of stories you want to tell. Assess your brand so that you can figure out how you can reach people in ways that are unique.

One of the benefits of using Instagram is that it’s highly personable, and you can forge authentic relationships with your followers. Read in this article to know more.

3. Use the Best Photos Possible for Your Instagram

Always post the best possible photos on Instagram. Half-doing it with your photos will create the wrong impression and make it difficult for you to gain traction.

Images that pop with incredible sharpness and resolution will catch people’s eyes. Followers will be more likely to share the photos and direct more people to your brand.

4. Research Keywords and Hashtags

Posting isn’t enough — you have to also make sure that your media makes its rounds effectively. Using keywords and hashtags will help you with this more than anything else.

Find out which keywords are best for the mood, tone, and information that you’re sharing. This will put your quotes into categories that are easier for people to consume.

5. Make Use of Instagram Stories and Going Live

Finally, recognize that Instagram is a platform that is perpetually changing.

While it started as a simple platform where you can post single pictures, Instagram has evolved into an app that lets people stream live and post short tidbits that people can peruse on their own time.

Figure out what mixtures of these perks will work best for your brand.

Maximize on This Instagram Tutorial to Get Results

This Instagram tutorial will help you get the best from your social media presence and your branding as a whole. Now that you know why you should use Instagram and how to get results, start putting some campaigns to use.

Consider the points above and stay tuned when you need more advice on advertising and marketing.

John Thompson

Peter Thompson: Peter, a futurist and tech commentator, writes about emerging technology trends and their potential impacts on society.