Know Everything About The NYSE: ZNH Stock Market

Many individuals are really scared of investing in a stock market. Most of the time, they buy and sell their stocks and shares through brokers because they are scared of the loss. This is only because investing in a stock exchange market happens to carry a lot of risks. You either experience a great profit from the investment or lose everything that you had invested in it. The investors have t closely follow the results of the stock market and its analysis to understand the market better. The stock market is usually formed by two different types of exchanges. One of them is NYSE. The NYSE: ZNH at is a stock trade company that attributes to the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the ZNH company

The ZNH or China Southern Airlines Ltd. is a company that deals with the international, regional, and domestic provision of air transportations that are both scheduled as well as unscheduled. These transportations are provisioned to cargo, passenger, baggage, mail, aircraft maintenance, and general aviation. The ZNH company was established in 1995 on 25th March. The headquarters of this company is located in Guangzhou in the country of China.

There are a total of two segments of the operation of this company. These two segments are Other segments and Airline transportation operations. The segment of Airline transportation operation deals with mail operations, cargo, and passenger operations. However, the Other segment engages in tour and hotel operations, cargo handling, ground services, and various other services that are miscellaneous. This company is also known for acting as the agency of foreign and domestic airline business.

NYSE: ZNH Stock Reports

According to the current closing reports of the NYSE: ZNH stock exchange, the share rate was about 23.01, where the rates of the previous closing were 23.03. This only indicates that there has moved down. The range for the day was between 22.87 and 23.12. On the other hand, the range of the 52nd week was between 18.45 and 35.60. Keeping track of these values, the volume of this stock exchange market was around 15,340.

The average volume that was reported at the closing of this trading exchange is 46,684. The market cap value of this company has been around 10.828B. The PE ratio and the EPS rate of this company, according to the analysis of the NYSE: ZNH, are 10.23 and 2.25, respectively. The target rate that this company had based on one year was around 183.08. You can get all these real-time reports in various online stock news sites or your investing account. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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