MilesWeb Review – Greater Performance with VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is a common hosting service. Beginners start with shared hosting because it assists in the development of an online presence. Plus, it helps new websites attract visitors and engage them.

It is also less expensive and fits into the budget. As a result, shared hosting is ideal for beginners. However, when your website grows in popularity, it will require more robust hosting.

It’s obvious that you are running a business website for a long time. You’ve attracted a lot of consumers and visitors. But shared hosting is no longer an ideal hosting option when the website grows. In that situation, it restricts resources, performance, and a lot more. 

You can consider linux VPS hosting as it is the best option if you wish to deliver value consistently.

VPS hosting is the best option for websites that are developing or will grow in the near future. It will not be as expensive as dedicated hosting yet will offer the same impact.

It has the same power as a dedicated server, but why pay for a large dedicated server when a VPS can provide the same service? There isn’t much of a distinction between the two.

MilesWeb is a good option if you’re on a low budget. They are a major web hosting company that offers both high-quality and low-cost services. They have served over 36,000 consumers in the last nine years. Because they are an active part of the organisation, these successful clients are the key reason for their success. 

MilesWeb is a reputable web hosting company. That is what distinguishes them as the greatest service provider on the market. They have strived to provide economical hosting services since its establishment. Now, this lets every user have access to web hosting services. MilesWeb is also known as Best web hosting Singapore and rest of the globe.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A virtual private server, also known as a VPS, implies you have your own server. This does not cover server space and resource sharing. You get 100% dedicated resources that you may use however you want.

There are no restrictions with a VPS. Here It’s not the same as shared hosting, where you share the server and its resources with tens of thousands of other people. You have whole control over the server.

A virtual private server is a smaller version of a dedicated server. It provides complete privacy, security, and performance. Here the only difference is that you receive a virtual server. That also gives you the benefit of staying in an isolated area. 

Yes, there is a great deal of privacy. Even though you will share the physical server, there will be no other users in your direct vicinity. Each user will have its own virtual server with complete access to its allotted resources.

VPS also lowers the risk of cyber-attacks and malicious activity. You can run a website with a lower to zero bounce rate or server difficulties. Additionally, the performance of your website will improve. It will be faster, allowing the pages to load more quickly. 

MilesWeb Web Hosting Services

MilesWeb provides both managed and self-managed Windows virtual private server (VPS) hosting. They offer a few hosting options, with prices starting at Rs. 1,260/m after a flat 25% discount. This discount is valid on all Windows VPS packages if purchased for at least 1/3 years. 

MilesWeb provides managed Windows VPS hosting with round-the-clock hosting assistance. They offer a team that will assist you and manage your virtual private server at all times. Managed hosting services are more expensive than unmanaged hosting, but they are well worth it. That will allow you to save time you can use towards other aspects of your business website.

You will receive 100% of the resources regardless of the plan you choose. You don’t share them with anybody else, but you can resell them if you want to.

VPS hosting is a great replacement for flourishing company websites. When you choose windows VPS services, you can expect higher growth and sales. It will improve the website speed and performance.

You will also gain an abundance of benefits if you select MilesWeb. With their VPS hosting services, they provide the following top-notch features:

Plesk Control Panel

With Windows VPS hosting, you can get an add on Plesk control panel. That will help with easy management of hosting account with simple to use interface. 

You can purchase a Plesk control panel from MilesWeb’s website, and they will instantly set up the account for you.

Administrator Access

You are allowed to have complete administrator access with Windows VPS hosting services. Any time you need to manage and monitor web activities, you can do it with ease. 

Host Unlimited Websites

MilesWeb plans allow you to host multiple websites on your Windows VPS server. If you have clients, they can also rent a space on your server. 


MilesWeb is a renowned provider of web hosting services. They are a powerful and capable hosting service provider. You can successfully grow your business website with their Windows VPS hosting.

Furthermore, it is essential to move to VPS as you start receiving a lot of traffic. Otherwise, you may encounter server-related issues, such as a higher bounce rate, decreased performance, and so on. As a result, it is preferable to make the changeover right away. Plus, I assure you VPS will offer more efficiency. 

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