Photographer: Learn How To Be MEI And Have Your CNPJ

Entrepreneurs formalized as MEI pay fewer taxes, have CNPJ, generate invoices and even have a series of bank benefits. All of this attracts many photographers who wish to venture into the photography market. But do you know how to be MEI? Plus, can a photographer be MEI?

See, the MEI photographer has many advantages when it becomes regularized, and the process is simple, easy, and can be done over the internet. If you want to know the answers to these questions, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this type of company and teach you to step by step how to be MEI and achieve success in the world of entrepreneurship!

What Is MEI

MEI is the acronym for Individual Micro entrepreneur, a company classification created to simplify opening and tax management for entrepreneurs.

Created in 2008, it was conceived to make life easier for self-employed professionals and micro-entrepreneurs who, as they did not fit into other business models, worked informally, could not get bank subsidies to boost their business, and had no type of guarantee and right.

MEI typically has a reduced tax burden, works on its own, and can have a maximum of one employee. That’s why the model makes a lot of sense for self-employed and freelance photographers 

How Much Does It Cost To Be An MEI Photographer?

As you already know from, the MEI must pay DAS monthly to ensure it is up to date with its tax obligations and will have access to benefits in its category. This is the only fixed cost that every Individual Micro entrepreneur has.

Of course, a photographer may have other costs related to the excellent performance of his function, such as equipment purchase, travel to the chosen location, food. Still, these values ​​vary according to his work dynamics.

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