Start Gaming Right with a Gaming Laptop in December

December is the month of Christmas and a great time to make dreams come true, as little things are more fulfilling about this time of the year than releasing your inner child and spoiling her.

Gamers will have their Christmas Socks full this year as laptops have never been so powerful and affordable. We will make their lives easier by helping them choose what makes a great laptop these days.

When looking for a fantastic gaming laptop this December, we recommend the Razer Blade range. It’s extremely powerful and its options of hardware will excite and please all gaming fans. These award-winning laptops pack enough performance to make any gamer happy. Check out their site here:

Let’s find out what to look for in a gaming laptop.


Displays start at 13″ and are ideal for portability and for people that travel often. They are limited in size and not our first pick for games but do make for a great light option that you can take with you everywhere.

We like 15″ displays as they deliver a perfect balance between portability and screen size for our games. Weight is usually light enough and those extra 2″ make a difference when you’re playing your favorite game.

If none of these small details really matter to you, opt for a 17″ display and enjoy gaming in all its glory. 

All these should be full HD so you may enjoy the beauty of your games appropriately.


You can’t go wrong with Intel’s 8th, 9th and 10th Generation Processors, as you’re well set to enjoy great performance in mainstream gaming titles.

Any of these will handle your gaming needs effortlessly. Packing four to eight cores, processors have never been so fast and energy efficient, ideal for when you’re gaming on battery only.

The Processor is the core of any computer and it’s recommended you pick one according to your gaming needs.

Graphics Card

This component is one of the most important alongside your processor. The Graphics Card will thrust your games to all new levels of fluid beauty.

The NVIDIA GTX 1060 is a great start for mainstream games and a competent gaming handler. Its younger sister, the RTX 2060 really provides a new level of gaming wonder with more recent technology and higher performance. 

Should your budget allow for it, go all the way and consider one of the fantastic RTX 2070 or the top of the range 2080 for the ultimate gaming experience.

RAM Memory

Look for laptops that hold 8GB DDR4 and above. Today’s titles are very comfortable with 16GB to prevent any bottlenecks or slowdowns in your gaming experience.

Hard Disk Drive

With no doubt, technology has evolved, and you’ll do well to consider a Gaming Laptop that has an SSD Hard Drive with a considerable size. 

SSD’s of 500gb and above are now more affordable than ever and will load up huge titles in a fraction of time compared to old laptop hard drives.

Don’t consider saving on this component as its performance gains are huge comparing to previous technology.


A section where size matters. Batteries of 50Wh and above are welcome as they will provide up to 13 hours of usage and welcome gaming whenever you’re traveling or just repositioning around the house or getting some air outside. Energy management has never been so good, and you’ll find yourself admired at the ability of your Gaming Laptop running on its battery.

Describing gaming laptops these days is a true gamer’s dream. When laptops came to be, they were bulky, slow and boring pieces of technology, with the single fascinating fact that you could easily carry them anywhere. Displays were colorless and performance was considerably worse than its desktop peers.

Nowadays, when you look at gaming laptops such as those built by Razer, you can’t help to be amazed and think you’re looking at incredible specs that only exist in desktops.

Gaming on a laptop has never been so much fun and so incredible. Prices have never been more affordable, and this will be the one Christmas Present you won’t regret.

This December you can take your gaming anywhere with you if you consider the above compiled set of advice that will ensure you get the best Gaming Laptop with the dream performance you always wanted.

John Thompson

Peter Thompson: Peter, a futurist and tech commentator, writes about emerging technology trends and their potential impacts on society.