Three Largest Self-Storage Companies

Is not quite easy to find a trusted self-storage company, you have to start looking among the largest self-storage companies that have positive reviews. There are many storages in Thailand companies which can get you confused when making a choice. Today we will be listing some large self-storage companies.

Public Storage

Public Storage has thousands of facilities all over the world, with a sizing guide that will help you rent the specific space that you need. Public storage has existed for over 40 years, which is enough time to learn exactly what people are looking for in their self-storage.

Extra Space Storage

This company is ranked number two on the list of the biggest self-storage companies. Extra space storage has over than 1,700 storage location all over the United States with good security measures which include video surveillance, coded access entry at the gates. All these measures are to provide safety for your item.


With over 1000 storage location around the world, Cubesmart is a clear Box storage option to be included on this. It very affordable and also offers a discount for the military member, referrals and special deals around major holidays. Also based on the CubeSmart facility you’re looking to rent from, you can always get more than 15% off your rent every month.

Life Storage

Previously called Uncle Bob’s self-storage with more than 750 self-storage locations spread out over 28 states. It’s not well known as the other self-storage companies. Life storage is already recognized among the largest self-storage companies and its growing very fast. There are always new location coming out all the time, so if you don’t know or don’t have a life storage location by now, there is enough reason for you to make it your choice.

John Thompson

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