Why you should be using a VPN on your mobile phone

Having a secure connection to the Internet is the preferred option anyday and can provide the assuarance that you are safely protected from potential online crimes of identity theft and even money being stolen from bank accounts. 

Most users connect through a VPN service when using a PC or laptop but often neglect to use it on their mobile phone. Without thinking about it, you are opening up a gateway to your persona accounts and passwords so hackers can jump through your personal data with ease and cause all kinds of damage.

If safe navigation (navigazione sicura) is on your list of important factors when using the Internet then look at these reasons as to why you should be using a VPN on your mobile phone.

Free Wifi and public hotspots

Almost like second nature, whenever you are out and about it is common place to join up to a free public Wifi service. Provided in cafes, restaurants and even on buses, free Wifi connections seem highly appealing at the time but they are free for a reason.

These connections do not have the same high levels of online protection that you may be used to having at home. Hundreds and thousands of people log on to free connections everyday but not all of them are there for the right reasons.

Public connections are a playground for hackers as defences are dropped due to the convenience aspect of a free Internet connection. Installing a VPN service on your mobile phone for private browsing (navigazione privata) is the right move to make so that hackers cannot get in to your personal accounts.

New IP addresses

A lot of VPN users sign up to service providers because of the undeniable perk of having a different IP address. These strings of computing codes tell other parties such as streaming sites where in the world you are trying to view content from. 

Many companies and streaming companies place geoblocks to make sure that only certain regions are able to view some of the shows. This can be frustrating for the rest of the world who want to see particular TV shows, however with a VPN connection there is the option to obtain a new IP address which makes it seem like you are actually in the designated territory. 

So if you join up to an Italian VPN server within the Italian borders you will gain access to all the Italian content which will otherwise be locked and out of your reach.

Secure meetings and conferences

VPNs are a great asset for businesses as well as for personal use. By using a VPN there can be a range of virtual meetings and conference calls which can be carried ot even if an employee is in a different country. 

The secure and encrypted connection means that no other party can get in to spy on the goings on in the meeting and work can continue.

John Thompson

Peter Thompson: Peter, a futurist and tech commentator, writes about emerging technology trends and their potential impacts on society.