How to Turn a ‘No’ to a ‘Yes’ with a Winning SEO Proposal

Even if you are the best SEO company in India, not having the best strategy for creating a powerful SEO proposal can repel your customers and you start to lose the existing ones as well. 

There is no more heart-breaking than getting a ‘no’ from a client after you spend hours or maybe days preparing the pitch.

Show them you understand the industry

Keyword research is the major step to know your customer and their trade.

The whole quality of your pitch relies on picking the precise keyword(s) and able to explain the major principles behind your choice.  

You have the one that you are certain is valuable for optimizing. However, this could be more challenging for your customers.

Business owners might have a different way to define their business than you. So they might mistake queries for some words they want their brand to be subordinated with.

Split organic traffic from non-brand to establish current SEO Performance

The result of SEO company in Ahmedabad is the hike in organic traffic. It makes people run for organic traffic whenever they want to quantify SEO performance.

The number of organic traffic is comprised of both brand and non-brand visits. It is non-rand traffic that joins to and is relies on search engine optimization.  

Your client might automatically realize this, but they have no tools to study the data. In case you fragment the two, you pay attention to the evaluation of the SEO process. It also shows, you would not take any credit for marketing activities that already exist and remove another dread that makes the client doubtful.

Showcase true forecast that can be verified and understood

See this from the customer perspective, all the enhancements invisibility have only the final goal – increase in business performance.

Clicks goals or e-commerce transactions are the things that any business would keep track of. By transferring better rankings to conversions and clicks, you draw the SEO campaign to the truth of running a business.

Decipher the effect of rank changes into clicks, and leads can look simple to your customers at first.

When talking about search volumes, each year trends that impact the past data and lively changing CTRs, you showcase more work and idea goes into the procedure.    

But for that, you have to get into a lower layer, the way Google shows results for an individual keyword and how modifications in search feature impact click-through proportions.

Compare SEO budget and PPC

Is an SEO campaign worth spending? This question will go through your client’s minds when they have to make a decision.

By transporting an outside source of reality in the form of how much they have to spend to course a paid search campaign on the precise keyword portfolio, you highpoint how valuable it is for supplementary companies to attain the first results.

It offers the customer to execute their free research and build more trust in the expected outcome. Not only that, they have a point of reference for your pricing too.

Pro tip: Your customers are busy handling their business and might hardly have any time for reviewing your proposal. So take a break and go through their current organic industry site and search for important changes that they might not even are aware of – Yet! 

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