Social Media – Its Inception and Where We Are Today

Social Media Lights the Way

What is Social Media Marketing?

In order to answer this question, we need to look back a little bit in “Internet Time” and get an understanding of the concept and how it now fits in as in Integral part of our day to day lives.

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Social media and article marketing have been a successful tandem since 2008… why?

The economic downturn is causing people to rethink their lives., causing them to reinvent themselves and many many more day in and day out are coming to the Internet,which is why you must have a strong presence on the internet if you wish to be successful.

You need a strong presence which includes being a truly “trusted” adviser or individual. – no more shenanigans, scamming.or. any of the activities that will generally turn potential client off

Here you will learn about Social Websites – How it works and How it can help you

No one really uses the Yellow Pages anymore because Google, Yahoo, Bing et. al are the places to find things quickly.

If you want to grow your business you need to be a part of the Social Media/Marketing experience.

It’s simple. Social Media Sites are where the people are, that is where they hang out.

Social media is now a part of the social fabric of human societies.

Did you know that there are now social media networks larger that some countries populations?

There are niche social sites for just about anyone today.

Looking to connect with a group? …what are you into? Sharing photos, dating, videos, business, sports and it goes on and on.

Types of Social Media-Types of New Social Websites

A good example of what Social Media is NOT is the example of sending out a post card. You only get one back if someone is interested.

With Social Media, your people can contact you as often as they wish!

This style of marketing is a continuous stream of activity.

With a combination of Social Media Marketing, SEO and content writing you will basically be getting your website (and possibly a lot of your pages) ranked #1 by most of the search engines but this, of course, depends on how you set up your new site.

It also takes longer with an older and/or existing site that has to be resurrected because care was not taken initially when setting it up.

Social Media Sites-The First Social Site


These systems were developed so users could get information (posts or articles) to newsgroups.

These Usenets had/have no centralized server or administrator dedicated to the site. Usenets are the precursor to RSS feeds which follow blogs or any information site someone may be interested in.

BBS Social Sites

These older social media systems showed up in the 1970s. Remember the modem?

I know some are still on modem, however, these early social media sites were hosted on personal computers and you had to dial in to get access. The best part was that only one person at a time could get access to the BBS.

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