Matt Davies Stockton Shares the Basics of JavaScript


According to Matt Davies Stockton, web development is impossible without JavaScript. If you’ve ever inspected a webpage on Chrome, you may have come across JavaScript code. If you’re interested in website development and web-based app development, you’ll need to be proficient in JavaScript. For now, let’s check out the basics of JavaScript. 

The Basics

1. JavaScript, the scripting language – JavaScript is widely used to create and manage web pages. When you open a webpage, anything that moves on the screen without refreshing your browser is enabled by JavaScript. Most people who get interested in web development start off with HTML and CSS. 

As they progress on their learning journey, JavaScript becomes the next obvious thing. Those three are core web development languages with HTML making up the structure of a webpage, CSS controlling how it looks, and JavaScript breathing life into the webpage by making it dynamic. 

2. JavaScript dominates web development – JavaScript is compulsory for students who are trying to get into web development. It has inherent advantages that make it the default choice. Let’s check them out. 

  • It is the most popular programming language and hence has many available frameworks that make web development easier and quicker. 
  • The language is very flexible. It allows you to create amazing web apps and websites with a lot of customization without affecting performance. 
  • It is used for web development, mobile app development, game development, and desktop app development. Hence, programmers have quite an incentive to learn it.
  • Learning the language opens up career growth paths and job opportunities. 

3. Uses of JavaScript – JavaScript is widely used for web applications to add automation and interactivity to websites. If you want to have more than just static page content on your website, you’ll have to use JavaScript. JavaScript is also used for web-based games. If you’ve ever played web-based games, it was probably written on Flash or JavaScript. 

JavaScript has also been widely used for mobile applications for many years. Frameworks like React Native allow developers to create mobile apps and games with flashy graphics and smooth animations within days or hours. Moreover, frameworks like NodeJS have secured JavaScript’s position in the back-end development of websites as well.     

4. Beginning with JavaScript – If you’ve tried any other programming language, you’ll be surprised by the simplicity of JavaScript. Let’s look at a simple Hello World program in JavaScript:



<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>

document.write(“Hello World!”);




With this code, you can display “Hello World” on your browser window. The code also shows you how easily JavaScript is integrated into HTML code. The <script> tag is used for adding JavaScript to a webpage. You can find the same when you inspect a webpage on your browser. Beginning with JavaScript is easier than you think. 


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you get familiar with JavaScript so that you can take advantage of its popularity and strengthen your portfolio. Getting proficient in JavaScript may help you land your dream job or help create your own applications and websites.

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