One-third of the websites in the world rely on WordPress hosting!

WordPress hosting needs no detailed introduction. It should not come as a surprise that one-third of the websites in the world rely on WordPress hosting. Whether you need to create a small personal blog or you need a proper commercial website for your business, KnownHost is always there to help you do so. 

Once you start using WordPress, no website is big or small, simple or complicated – it is a virtual oceanic world that can accommodate every new website like the addition of one drop of water. This is why most major corporations rely on WordPress. From NBC to the New York Post, and from Time Inc to Sony, you see them on WordPress, which means there is something in! 

The idea of site-building on WordPress 

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The idea of site-building on WordPress is always recommended by most experts in this field. It would not be wrong to say that developers just love WordPress from the heart even though they are experts in coding, and so on. WordPress can cover and handle any kind of individuals whether they are technical or non-technical people. Nothing can beat this hosting in context with the content management system. 

Free downloads and installations

Free downloads & installations of content management systems and the site builders are great features, and you can download and install them free of cost. The story of the wonderland does not end there, let’s see some more facts! 

The features of WordPress hosting 

The fact of the matter is that WordPress is packed with back-to-back amazingly helpful features to help you as a beginner and become more creative as a veteran user. Every feature is self-explanatory so that it can take you on the right track from the beginning to the end. These were just a few factors why one-third of websites in the world use WordPress. 

John Thompson

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