The Best Image Or Photo Editors For PC And Mac

The importance given to images is increasing. For professional use when designing a website, editing and improving the photographs taken during a photo session or simply retouching one before sharing it on social networks should not be neglected. In this article, we will explore the best image editors for Mac and PC.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

It is the most used and probably the best-known photo editor, so it does not require too much presentation. Photoshop CC is perfect for both creating and retouching photographs. At present, it includes image analysis tools and the possibility of performing 3D editing work; a safe bet for photographers, web designers, layout designers, etc.

  • Photolemur

Photolemur starts up with one of the easiest interfaces ever seen. It stands out, mainly, for two reasons: the simplicity of its use and the features so complete that it includes, among which the possibility of improving the images with just one touch, cutting and rotating the photos, adding effects, adjusting the brightness and contrast, saturation, etc. It allows you to draw and add text and stickers. It also includes some cosmetic retouching tools for enhancing photos. Visit

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

For those users who are looking for a simpler editor than Photoshop CC, but that, at the same time, helps improve the quality of their photographs, Photoshop Express is the solution. It is a free app available for iOS, Windows, Android that allows you to make some changes to the photographs, such as adjusting the color, eliminating red eyes, playing with brightness and white balance, etc. It also makes it easy to share images directly on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

  • PhotoDirector

Designed for photography enthusiasts, PhotoDirector offers support for JPEG and TIF files, as well as a wide range of formats. Its simplified layer editing system makes it much easier to create images with a professional finish. Also, it includes very striking features, which allow you to create multi-exposure images or capture images from the video and in a very simple way.

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