Why You Should Make the Switch From Dial-Up to 4G High Speed Internet

In order to connect to the best Internet available, you will need to consider all the high-speed Internet options out there. There are many reasons to get the best connection possible.

Of course, anything is better than that dial-up modem you may be using. That form of Internet connection has been around since the beginning, connecting all of the original Internet users at one time in their lives. It was once the only way to connect to the Internet from your home. Not too long ago, connecting to the Internet through the use of a telephone line was the only option. It meant that you would literally hear the modem call the Internet server, the ringtone, and then the connection. It also meant that your connection was mind-numbingly slow and undependable. Finally, it mean that you were sacrificing your telephone line and had to get a second line if you wanted uninterrupted telephone and Internet service.

Now you have several other options, all of which are better than dial-up. While only 4G Internet gives you super fast speeds while keeping you mobile, there are others available. You can make the choice after considering all your Internet needs, but beforehand, you should know why making the switch is the best decision.

1. It is not expensive to upgrade your Internet. It’s not like you are replacing a dirt-cheap Internet connection method for an extremely expensive one. The two extremes are not separated by that much, monetarily speaking.

2. It is not difficult to upgrade your Internet. Depending on the access method you choose, it’s pretty simple to make the switch. Most of the work will probably be done for you.

3. You will get back the free use of your home phone line.

4. The super fast speeds will completely revolutionize the way you experience the Internet. You will be able to do everything you want and need online because of your new high speed Internet connection. The higher speeds mean that you don’t have to stress out when trying to download or upload data.

5. You will have dependable Internet service that won’t randomly drop your connection. Often the dial-up connection will drop your connection for no apparent reason. Perhaps you try to download or upload too much data. Or perhaps an incoming call crosses the Internet connection and kicks you off. Either way, it could be bad news for you if you are working on important material online. Even still, it can be a big hassle.

Those are just five reasons to switch to high speed Internet. If you want true mobility with your fast Internet, then the only option is 4G. This is a relatively new wireless Internet access method, but will soon take the country by storm. What 3G started, with its true mobile Internet that is not dependent on stationary wireless Internet networks, 4G continues and adds super fast speeds. Therefore, if you are going to make the switch from dial-up any, consider connecting to 4G.

John Thompson

Peter Thompson: Peter, a futurist and tech commentator, writes about emerging technology trends and their potential impacts on society.