Four Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile And Iot Security

Ensuring security of mobiles and the internet of Things is a challenge for most enterprises. As a result of this, a massive amount of data is lost. The use of mobiles and IoT (internet of things, which is the term in Thai) is of great importance to enterprises as they increase productivity and enhances communication.

Below are some things to avoid while making sure your data is safe and secure:

Five Common Pitfalls To Avoid In Mobile And Iot Security

Making Use Of Default Password

Most mobile and IoT devices come with a default password. Changing the password immediately after installing the IoT system should be the first thing to do. If you fail to do this, hackers can gain control of your device through the default password if it is not changed.

Failing To Update Devices

It is very risky to ignore Mobile and IoT updates as it can expose the enterprise to security risks and vulnerability. It is Aldo noteworthy for enterprises not to purchase or install devices that can’t be updated. Some methods may not be wholly secure at first, but as time progresses, the developers come up with better security features which will require an update of the IoT device.

Assuming EMM is enough

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) policies are barely enough to protect IoT devices. Enterprises should carry out a thorough evaluation of the devices to know if there’s a need for more security or less.

Leaving Security As An Afterthought

Both the developers and Enterprises should emphasize the safety of their device and IoT systems. Lack of proper security strategies can lead to loss of sensitive data and can cause significant harm to the brand.

Having a holistic approach to security is very important to protect and defend critical assets against known and unknown threats.

John Thompson

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