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The strategic performance of Information Technology requires the constant exchange of information, both with the internal and external environment. To this end, telephony resources appear, which contribute to greater integration and even help to reduce costs. You can take the use of the roadmap builder for the best choices in strategy making.

Among the possibilities are:

PABX platforms: allow you to centralize calls on a device, which can be mobile, to ensure that all calls are answered. With this, it is possible to have an efficient control of expenses, the optimization of communication and even the holding of conferences.

Cellular interface: makes it possible to make calls at reduced and faster costs, with a performance up to 40% better than other tools.

Telephone recorders: record calls to manage the relationship with suppliers and customers.

Telephone terminals: bring more efficiency to call control and offer extra features, such as dialing visualization, identification of calls and programming of quick access keys.

IP accessories: allows you to use the analog phone as a PABX extension. As a result, there is a reduction in costs;

Various software: they depend on what the company needs. For example: the call confirmator, the electronic concierge or the call redirector can be used to offer personalized service.

Mobile extension: ensures that the cell phone is transformed into an extension or virtual intercom.

With these resources, communication with internal and external customers is more accurate and agile. This leads to an improvement in the relationship that brings short and long term benefits.

Work with performance indicators and goals

Metrics are essential to assess the performance of strategic planning in the Information Technology sector. In this way, it is also possible to know what is already good and what should be adjusted.

Through the indicators, you can find out what the Return on Investment (ROI) is, whether productivity has increased with new software or if the fixed cost has decreased due to some adopted technology.

Keep in mind that these results depend on the goals set for the period. Each process must have a predetermined objective, which are delimited from the organizational need. For example: if your company suffers a lot from the loss of files or has high costs with servers, consider these requirements.

In such cases, it is possible to define the performance of periodic backups or the migration of data to a more economical server. Just be careful to limit the indicators to what is really needed. Otherwise, the volume of data will be high and your interpretation of the results may be impaired.

Thus, it is clear that having an IT team that keeps up with market trends is essential, but it requires some care and the adoption of different strategies. Following what we have outlined in this article, you will have more chances of success and your business will enjoy the various benefits that we have listed.

There are numerous tips for growth, but four of them, if put into practice, will make a difference: Be a trusted professional One of the challenges faced is how changes across the technology landscape are impacting the market. Now is the time to look for new alternatives, offer new products or even sell entire solutions. With these changes, customers will benefit from more products in one place.

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