Advantages Of Plastic Drawers Cabinet

Plastic is a versatile material and with more advantages than there are in the market, they are found in varieties of products. From the packaging of products and food to drawers and plastic drawer cabinet (ตู้ ลิ้นชัก พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) for storage and organization of products. In the latter case, there are lots of drawer designs since polymers can be moulded very easily and have properties that allow them to adapt to applications in any industry.

Plastic drawers are an excellent substitute for wooden or metal drawers that are often used in businesses and industries since they are very economical and can be found in many places with the design and size that suits your needs. They can also be found as a whole, with a piece of furniture to place and organize them, making their use more efficient.



The commonly used plastic for commercial and industrial use drawers is high-density polyethene that is a durable and impact-resistant polymer, so you don’t have to worry about being damaged in harsh environments if you fall out of certain height or by the same weight they load. Although you should avoid overloading them, especially when they are stacked on top of each other, since in those cases the drawer placed in the lower part may break due to excess weight.


Models with a thicker plastic box (กล่อง พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) design usually have similar strengths to some metals and hardwoods, although they are usually more expensive. Therefore, before acquiring one design or another, first consider the use that will be given to drawers to calculate the loads it will contain and the necessary strength for your needs.

Low Environmental Impact

Since polyethene is easily recyclable, it does not generate garbage if it has adequate waste management. Plastics have the advantage of being able to recycle an unlimited number of times, without practically losing their physical and chemical properties.

John Thompson

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